GwentUp — deck tracker for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game
with a new, stylish and very useful UI options

Tracker which shows all the cards left in the deck, graveyard and banished ones - all in one screen, no more searching through the graveyards! No more mistakes on forgetting what was banished!

And your enemies grave/banish too! Fully customizeable - drag it, make it more transparent or toggle off the elements you don't need at the moment.

GwentUp tracks your personal progress while using different leaders and decks. All these statistics are available in a special window, opened by pressing the F3 key. Signing up you will also get more detailed stats, like Leader VS Leader and Deck VS Leader winrates and pickrates.

This tool shows the Base Strength of the creature. To apply this just put the mouse on a card you are curious about.

Match history with a current opponent, MMR and ranked position for both of you and your opponent. Win/Lose/Draw tracking that can be refreshed whenever you want it.

No more miscalculations - GwentUp shows you the difference in points between you and your enemy on every step.

Many more tools coming, so keep your GwentUp updated, it's going to be amazing.

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