New tools for Gwent players coming soon!

Player’s profile
Match history, including info on opponent’s leader, coinflip, mmr change. Statistics for each deck with win rates against other leaders, win rates in case of going first or second*. You may filter or sort the statistical data.

match historydecs statistics

Live statistics
No need to wait for weekly Reports! Keep track of Meta every day. Statistics are updated once a day. Filters for game mode (including casual, ranked and PRO*), date, rank, region.

As soon as we test the new features, gather and analyze the feedback and polish things, the core functionality of the site will be available to the whole Gwent: the Witcher Card Game community.

Don’t want to wait? If you are eager to test the early version of the services, want to help us to improve things by providing feedback or just want to support our efforts, there is an opportunity to get an early access to these features — our Patrons have this option!

*Pro Ladder Live Statistics and win rates of going first and seconds are available for Patrons.

Who are the Patrons?

Patrons are the amazing people, who support the development of GwentUp via Contribution from the Patrons helps to keep GwentUp always up-to-date and to develop new features for everyone. As a reward, some specific features that are expensive to operate or intended for professionals are available only to Patrons. Additionally, Patrons never see any advertisements! There are several options you may choose from:

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$1 – Starter Pack
  • Early access to the Player’s profile, Live Statistics and other future features
  • No advertisements
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starter pack
$5 – Patrons Pack
  • Early access to the Player's Profile and Live Statistics with exclusive Pro Ladder Stats
  • Calculations for your going first and going second winrates
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