Some of the happiest holidays of the year are right around the corner. At these times, we share gifts and tell each other our most important things. Naturally, we also want to share with you our gift and our best wishes. We present the Personal Profile page. Let us introduce it to you.

It is always inspiring to look back and review the path we took up to the present, to recollect our best experiences during the year, relive our successes and marvel how much we grew from a week ago, a month, a year.

Personal profile page lets you do this with Gwent! Here you will find:


General info: Your MMR in both ladders, number of matches played, overall win rate. Statistics for your current decks: overall win rate, who is your bitter enemy and how are you performing going first and going second.


Match History: Detailed list of your matches played, info on the coinflip, opponent’s leader, change in MMR


Decks archive: full list of your in-game decks. Share these data with friends or keep confidential at your desire.

Access is immediately available after following these steps:

  1. Download GwentUp tracker from
  2. Sign upSign in on our site, if you haven’t done it before.
  3. Click “Match history” ( [F4] hotkey ) in the tracker’s Menu.

See how it works: OceanmudAdamNadrac.

We want to express our gratitude to all our users and especially our Patrons, who support us  and help the community to move forward. Thank you very much! Due to your contribution we are able to work so determined and efficiently for the sake of the whole Gwent community. Happy Holidays and a happy New Year to all!